The $72 Million Dollar Hoax

The $72 Million Dollar Hoax

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Teen Makes $72 Million by Playing Stocks – Hoax


Mohammed Islam is the name that’s circulating the web right now for an article featured in “NYMag” (Article Here) that stated that Mr. Islam had made $72 Million Dollars by picking stocks in the stock market.

Recently as most have already found out, the story turned out to be a fake as close friends of the family were able to share that the figures were fabricated or that no one knew where they actually came from. However, Mohammed does claim that he had made a decent sum of money from trading in the market according to an NBC News article. The hype and uproar about the initial stories stating that he did in fact make that figure left many people questioning the truthfulness of the figure used.

Now we know that the story is indeed a hoax, at Foul News we have a feeling that we’ll be seeing this person’s name in the news some more still. People can’t get over the fact that a teenager has done well by picking stocks. Is it jealousy or are people left dumbfounded that someone so young could do so well so the story blew up and was featured on every major news outlet. Who knows, but we at Foul News think this guy is great! Getting your 15 minutes of fame and running with it is excellent and can set people up for success in the future. Good luck with your future stock endeavors Mr. Islam!


 Image Courtesy of Mohammed Islam’s Linkedin Profile

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