Elementary School Kids Forced to Remove Pants

Elementary School Kids Forced to Remove Pants

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In Gustine, Texas, the elementary school (town of 457, it’s the only public one there) has forced students to remove their pants and expose their underwear in search of which student was responsible for feces that were found on the gym floor. The school staff thought it was a entirely appropriate for students to be near-strip searched in hopes of finding what? A chocolate hotdog or evidence of such within their Skivvy’s? Kids sh*t themselves all the time, there’s bound to be a trail from a fudge snail in at least one of the kid’s Fruit of the Loom’s.

Completely disgusting that staff was allowed to perform such actions. However, the story clearly reminds me of when Mr. Mackey, from South Park was performing an investigation of who pooped in the urinal:

Now as creepy as this may be, the district’s Superintendent is saying that the staff went too far and they are looking into better ways to solve the type of issue. Well, if I were a parent of any of these students, there would be hell to pay at that school and a class-action lawsuit with all the parents to sue the school for allowing this to happen. I’m sure this will pop up in the news again and rear its ugly head to find out what happened exactly. This is how we envision teachers over at Gustine’s elementary school:



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