The ‘Average Size’ Is Out!

The ‘Average Size’ Is Out!

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So, the “Average Male Size” is finally out. Oh yes, we’re talking about the special ‘member’ that you men have affixed to your pelvic region. YOUR PENIS. A new study from the UK took reports of over 15,000 men to find out what the average size is. The average erect size is 13cm aka ‘roughly’ 5.11″. Well, that should help out some of you with your self confidence if you’ve got worries of a small willy. Should you though? Let’s face it, some guys do often worry too much about their appearance and if they’ll appear too small for a lady of interest. The mature gentleman would realize that as long as you get what you want, you’re good to go and ‘screw’ the other party involved… oh yeah, sounds egotistical and cruel, but hey, that’s what having testosterone is all about, right? WRONG, if you’re in love, you’d need to make sure that both you and your partner are satisfied both physically and emotionally, but if you’re just a dude looking to score, then don’t sweat it man, size really doesn’t matter, do your thing and get what you want, you still scored. Don’t worry about size and all that, you’ve still achieved your goal!

Now some men, rightfully so are going to brag that they are above and a’head’ of the proverbial ‘curve.’ Naturally so, great for them and for me… whoops, too much information… but in all honesty, if the average sizing report has you ‘up’ or ‘down,’ don’t worry about it too much, just keep on following your ‘phallatic’ dreams! Okay, so phallatic isn’t a word, but you can understand the ‘gist’ of what I’m talking about. Keep being you and keep it foul at all times and you’re okay in our book. Yes, even our female authors!

The innuendo was fun in this article, but in the ‘end’ all things will ‘come’ to a good time if you are yourself and don’t get ‘hung’ up on the ‘small things.’ Enjoy this knowledge and if you’d like to read ‘up’ about it, check out this article here!


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