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Major Winter Storm Warning

We have a MAJOR WINTER STORM headed our way starting this weekend. A few things you NEED to know are listed below:

Expected Arrival

The storm is expected to arrive late afternoon on Friday the 22nd of January. By late afternoon, meteorologists are predicting that the storm will arrive in areas of New Jersey beginning around 4:30 – 6pm and will become increasingly intense as the night goes on.

Expected Duration

The storm is expected to last from late Friday afternoon until Saturday evening for most of the North East United States.

Expected Snowfall Amounts

Snowfall is expected to exceed 12″ in some areas and up to 26″ in others. Reference the image below:


Now most meteorologists will tell you that there is no way to accurately predict snowfall totals this far out, but we are Foul News and don’t care for such professional advice. This is what the GFS and European Model are both predicting and it’s what we’re sticking with.

Safety Advice

Buy plenty of non-perishable foods in the days before the storm. Stock up on water, bread, eggs and milk. If you do not have sufficient bread or milk, your chances for survival decline significantly and most emergency personnel will refuse to respond to your location without such delicacies in the time of disaster.

If we have any further information on the impending snowmageddon, we will update you. Until then, pray that Frosty The Snowman doesn’t come knocking at your door with a vengeful look and hatred for where you once placed the carrot on him.


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