The PARCC Test

The PARCC Test

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The new PARCC test is a complete overhaul of the way current testing works. The test is designed to assess student performance and readiness to either go to a higher level of education or if they’re ready for a career after High School. A lot of concerned parents are raising hell over this one because they feel that their kids are under too much stress in school as it is. They also feel that their kids are going to be discouraged if they do poorly on the test and that it will disrupt their current test-taking skills because it will give them a new way of thinking for testing. The organizers of the PARCC feel that this test is completely necessary to find out how ready kids are for their next steps in life.

The parents who are causing such an uproar need a reality check. It’s just a test, your kid can take an hour out of his or her life to check some boxes. This test is completely meaningless and not a standardized test that counts for a school grade. In fact, the test isn’t mandatory either. If your kid can’t perform a simple test because you think that it’s “mental abuse,” (oh yea, some parent’s believe that it is mentally abusive to their kids! wow!) then maybe your child isn’t really ready to take on real-world responsibilities or you aren’t ready to accept the fact that the real-world takes real work. This type of mentality stems from parents now-a-days thinking that “every child deserves a trophy.” Not every child is special, not every child works to their full potential to achieve what they can be in life, so no, not every child deserves a trophy. Time to get real and wake up. Real life takes real work and that’s how you get results.

Another thing to note is, that if the organizers of the test feel that this test is so necessary for kids to take, why don’t they try to encourage school systems to add in things that are actually important in life. Is this test teaching kids how to file taxes? How to rent or buy a home? How to save money and what their retirement options are and how to get there. These are real-life and important things that kids should be taught. There’s nothing within our current school curriculum that teaches these important things. Not all parents are great guides at teaching kids such things and some can even shelter their kids so much that they hold them back from achieving what they really can in life. Imagine having a parent that doesn’t give that push to get their child to move out and start their own life. The sooner that happens the sooner you’re forced into a world of responsibility and you can start facing reality and get a head-start on life. This test does none of this.

Although the test isn’t mandatory and isn’t well-supported, it looks like it’s here to stay. You can even practice taking the test online to see how it’s worded and such. If you’re interested in it, here’s the link:

Here’s what we have to say about this!

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