Mike Tyson Gets Upset at Reporter

Mike Tyson Gets Upset at Reporter

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The video pretty much speaks for itself. Good old classic Mike Tyson getting upset at a reporter for bringing up something that happened 22 years ago. When the Canadian TV host brought up Mike Tyson’s rape conviction and said that it may negatively impact Mayor Rob Ford’s campaign (Tyson was in Canada endorsing Rob Ford), Tyson became upset and swore at the TV host.

Now, I have to agree with Iron Mike on this one as the interview initially started out friendly and then out of no where the host decided that he would bring up a rape conviction that happened 22 years ago. Tyson called the host a “piece of sh*t,” for the comment he made. Rape is still rape regardless of when it happened and we definitely don’t condone that. However, Rob Ford made himself famous for his recent antics including being on video an smoking crack at a party. So his image as a saint isn’t exactly all painted to begin with, and we can’t possibly see how a visit from Mike Tyson would mar his campaign in the slightest.


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