New Fantastic 4 Trailer

New Fantastic 4 Trailer

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Fantastic 4 is back and the new trailer looks awesome! This seems to be just a reboot of the first Fantastic 4 film as none of the main characters are played by the same actors. Marvel did that with the Spiderman series and those movies were actually pretty good despite the backlash that fans everywhere were giving the series reboot. Being a fan of Marvel for a very long time means this is pretty exciting for me personally and the rest of Foul News as well.

One thing to take note on is that it seems every trailer lately from Marvel, features the actors with a look of total puzzlement on their face with their mouth wide open like they’ve just seen the ghost of Christmas past. That’s kind of getting old and just a bit weird. I guess Marvel has taken a bit of a dark turn to appeal to the masses in this time of economic depression. Literally every character shot from this trailer shows them looking like they’ve forgot their lines, soiled themselves and just found out that their pregnant or something. This is honestly the poster they should go with:

Fantastic Confusion2

One last MAJOR thing to note is that there’s an MK1 Toyota MR2 featured within the trailer. As an MR2 owner myself, this is also exciting to see the AW11 featured in a trailer for a Marvel film. They could have easily cut that scene out, but hell the little MK1 made in and that’s just awesome!


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