Zombie Nativity Scene Being Forced To be Removed

Zombie Nativity Scene Being Forced To be Removed

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An Ohio man, Jasen Dixon has created the world’s first Zombie Nativity Scene. This is a truly awesome reconstruction of the Nativity Scene that brought with it some unwanted attention. Multiple people have stopped by and looked at it, loved it and apparently some were so offended that the local township was called and an investigation was started.

Now, Jasen has up until December 26th to remove the scene and is being forced to do so or he will face legal actions by the township. The issue isn’t on the content here, according to the township, but the city has a statute that disallows ornaments or decorations which occupy over 35% of the total front yard space and unfortunately Jasen’s scene does just that.

This goes to show that people really use the holidays to find something to get upset about. Too many people spend too much of their time trying to get others in trouble because they think something may be offensive to their religion and or maybe even have some strange excitement just getting people in trouble (don’t we all have that one neighbor?).

On another note, Jasen lives on a street called Vorhees Lane. Come on now, Jasen and Vorhees (although in the movie it’s spelled Jason Vorhees), still, you get the idea. With a name like that and living on that street and also being the owner of a local Haunted House attraction, it’s almost comical that this he would build this. We support you Jasen who lives on Vorhees Lane! Keep it up and next year we hope to see the scene again (just keep it under 35% of your front yard space, go for 34.9%!)

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