Justin Bieber Photoshopped for Calvin Klein

Justin Bieber Photoshopped for Calvin Klein

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It’s no surprise that Calvin Klein had to beef up the big-headed skinny kid to fit their underwear modeling photo shoot. The pictures shown are before and after the photoshop job done to Bieber.

It’s kind of funny that the artists over at Calvin Klein had to make his hands larger, chest, arms and manhood larger as well. Poor guy just can’t seem to get out of the criticism spotlight lately and we’re not here to help with that at all. Actually I never thought that I’d personally write an article pertaining to him, but couldn’t pass this up as it’s pretty foul news (see what I did there?).

Anyway, enjoy this nifty little GIF image and have yourself a laugh 🙂


Photos courtesy of Calvin Klein and breatheheavy.com

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