Greystone Psychiatric Park’s Future

Greystone Psychiatric Park’s Future

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Greystone Psychiatric Park’s historic building has been facing the threat of demolition for many years now since it’s complete and official closing on 2008. Ever since the state of New Jersey acquired the property they have been trying to decide what to do with the building as it sits on a very large piece of property. The most talked about idea has been to demolish the building, which would cost an estimated $50 million, if the state were to go through with it.

The popularity of the building is something that’s widespread and known by locals. It’s even been featured in film such as “Greystone Park.” (Albeit, not the best film out there). Historic societies have been trying to save the building and preserve it due to the incredible history behind the building. If you have time, we urge you to take up on its interesting read at its Wikipedia page. Having visited the building myself on a few occasions, I can personally say that the structure alone is an attraction that has the potential to bring revenue to the state.

A few companies have sought after buying the building from the state to rebuild the interior and make the outside of the building safe as well. Plans have included in turning it into a haunted house attraction that would bring in plenty of money (more than it’s brought in since it’s closing) to the state by sales tax, property tax, etc… The state is finally considering some offers being brought to it about preservation plans instead of using taxpayer money for its demolition. Hopefully we can see a bright future for the beloved Greystone Psychiatric Park.

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