Man Charged for Facebook Post

Man Charged for Facebook Post

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Charged After Posting Facebook Status


Following the tragic death of NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, “Charlie Dirosa,” a resident of Chicopee, MA will face charges of threatening police for posting a status on Facebook. The status that Charlie Dirosa posted said “Put wings on pigs.” This was the quote that the killer of the two NYPD officers used on his Instagram account.

It’s truly a sickening tragedy that these two officers fell victim to a shooter in what seems to be a ‘retaliation’ for the death of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. However, what also seems to be sickening is the fact that in this day and age, citizens can be arrested and charged for simply posting a Facebook status. This is what the first amendment was written for, to protect our freedom of speech. If we can’t express our opinions and how we feel via speech, then we aren’t living in a free country anymore. We can see why the police department may have had concerns for Charlie Dirosa’s Facebook status, although it did not quote the killer’s Instagram status word-for-word. It’s disgusting that anyone would support such behavior and actions that involve murdering anyone, especially those who keep the city safe. We find if very disturbing that something so simple as four words, written by someone who has no direct correlation to the killer can face charges for something so vague. It’s unclear at the time whether the status was meant as a threat or if it held any significance to anything at all. We’ll be following this one closely and update the article on the outcome.

One thing is clear, just by the looks of this joker, he probably doesn’t make smart decisions (especially not towards his appearance). However, whether he was just high and thinking of flying bacon (as he looks like a stoner) or really quoting the killer, facing charges for writing a seemingly non-threatening Facebook status, is wrong no matter how you see it and a violation of our Freedom of Speech. We can judge because we’re FoulNews and our opinions are always right 🙂

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