Idiots Cause Havoc In 7-Eleven

Idiots Cause Havoc In 7-Eleven

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People do stupid things often to get their 15 minutes of fame. These total d-bags walk into a 7-Eleven just to cause trouble to the nice people working there all in hopes to get praise on World Star Hip Hop, a website normally featuring videos that go viral centered around Hip Hop and the culture surrounding it, occasionally throwing in a few fails or off-topic videos.

We’ve seen the stars of the film series and TV series “Jackass” do stupid things to get their fame (generally in a hilarious fashion), but this is just downright rude, unfunny, and completely idiotic. This cringe-worthy abomination of stupidity makes you want to get out and hit these people directly into their face. The video consists of smoking in the store, destroying products and shelves and even stealing a coffee machine. We feel terrible for the owners / workers of the store for what happened. Also doing this in the name of a website is wrong too, we also feel bad for WSHH for having to have this tied to their name.

Although normally, we would never share this type of stuff because it gives these morons exactly what they want, their 15 minutes of fame. The only reason that we are sharing this is because it went viral on Facebook with over 4 million views and they are already out there 🙁 We hope to see these people behind bars as soon as possible!

If you’re going to make a fool of yourself for the sake of trying to get famous, please don’t go around wrecking someone’s business or hurting other innocent people; do something dumb on your own property or where no one else will get hurt.

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