$210,000 Reality Check

$210,000 Reality Check

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Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey has been receiving a large amount of backlash regarding their latest purchase, a $210,000 bronze hawk statue. The reason behind the purchase was because of “school spirit.”

MSU’s mascot is a hawk, so apparently purchasing a large bronze hawk, students are going to be that more enthused about attending classes there. That doesn’t make sense on any level, that’s like saying if I were to purchase an outrageously expensive “FN” (Foul News) statue in bronze and place it in my office, I’d be enthralled about waking up and writing everyday (not that I’m not already.) We think that this is a strange purchase, and personally knowing many people who paid ridiculously high tuition to attend the school are making an uproar on social media regarding the situation.

Now, the reality check! If you were a student at the school, YOU choose to attend the school and PAY for it. You could have received an education anywhere else that could have provided an equal education, although let’s be honest here, the majority of college students are there for only a handful of reasons. Some attend because they truly desire a better education and want to LEARN more about their field that they plan on getting into. Some want to explore their options in life. Some just want the title associated with it on a false hope thinking that once they graduate, they’ll be guaranteed a job because they have a degree (it’s hard not to laugh at that one). Others go because they can’t face the reality of not being in school anymore, they’ve lived their whole lives at home and going to school, so 4 – 8 more years, couldn’t hurt, right? (Those are some of the saddest people I’ve met).

However, the point remains the same, if you run a business and are really successful at it and you decide to make some outlandish purchase, by all means please do, it’s YOUR business. What are these students and people who are outraged thinking? ‘That money could have gone to lowering tuition costs.’ No, let’s be honest, going to a school like that is a title school, you think employers see the name on your resume and you’re automatically a candidate, that’s the reason you go. Personally after being responsible for hiring people in different positions, looking into the candidate’s education was the last thing I did. Employers look for two things more than anything, your proficiency within the field and your experience.

We think the school should go for it and keep the statue, that’s their decision. If you are upset about it, too bad, you made the decision to pay money to go there (if you attended). If you did not attend and you are upset, you’re probably just a bitter person who thinks you’re entitled to something anyway 🙂

Photo courtesy of Hanlon Sculpture Studio

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