Parents Upset Over Play-Doh’s New Toy

Parents Upset Over Play-Doh’s New Toy

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Multiple parents were upset this past Christmas when their kids opened up their “Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain” play set from Play-Doh. The reason being is that their new¬†toy featured a piece which looked rather phallic. Parents were even more upset when they posted to Play-Doh’s Facebook page and realized that their concerns of the new object was being deleted by Play-Doh themselves. However, the issue has been addressed and Play-Doh is recalling the set and replacing the piece with a shape, a little less penile-like.

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Play-Doh denies intentionally designing such a piece to resemble a phallus, however it’s quite clear… it’s a penis. Some on Twitter were even calling it the “play-dil-doh.” Hilarous! Whether this was some crazy marketing scheme or whatever happened, Play-Doh received more attention than it has in a long time.

Even if this wasn’t intentional, it has to go through a panel of testers, quality, marketing, etc… come on, you’re telling me that not one person in a position of power over at Play-Doh didn’t stop and say, well jeez, that thing looks like a penis? That’s kind of hard to believe. However, we’ll probably see these pieces up on eBay for a premium in years to come as Play-Doh starts replacing them with their revised version of the toy.

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