New Ford GT Revealed at NAIAS

New Ford GT Revealed at NAIAS

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Ford has unveiled it’s new Ford GT at Detroit’s Autoshow this year. In contrast to the traditional gas-guzzling high-horsepower V8, Ford has gone with a twin turbo V6 with ecoboost technology for better fuel economy. Oh yea, the performance is there as well, all 600 horses of performance.

As someone who isn’t personally a Ford person, I’ve always had a weakness for the Ford GT as it’s always been such an iconic super car with a strong racing pedigree. It’s truly a race car for the streets. The die-hard Ford fans are already causing a fuss about the new GT not being a V8 monster. I think they are crybabies (remember we’re foul news, no one is safe 🙂 ) As someone who owns a turbocharged car, the best feeling is when that boost fully kicks, it makes you never want to drive a naturally aspirated car again. With Ford’s new ecoboost technology, I’m sure that this thing will spool instantly, be fuel-efficient (when you stay off the boost) and shove you in your seat when you hit full boost!

The sound clip at the end of the video is pure auditory bliss. Who knew a V6 could sound so throaty and deep, and to add to it you hear the turbos whistle through the exhaust. The new modern styling really makes it a sleek car that is current and trendy, yet also keeps true to the original. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to afford one of these great cars as I think it’s an awesome alternative to the over-bought Ferrari 458 Italia (great for Ferrari, but when all you see is “GTR vs 458” on every car forum / YouTube suggestion, it gets boring.) I can’t wait to see people cranking out 2000hp out of this V6!

Here’s some old-school automotive arousal to remind you of where the new one came from *drool*

Ford GT


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