Illegal New Yorkers Get ID Cards

Illegal New Yorkers Get ID Cards

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New York City’s 109th mayor, Bill De Blasio has stated that illegal immigrants in New York City will now be issued ID cards so that they don’t feel like “second-class citizens.”


Now Bill, by definition, illegal immigrants are NOT citizens, so why would they feel like “second-class citizens” when they are not citizens to begin with? By giving ID cards to illegals this method of liberal thinking is enabling more illegal immigrants to feel welcomed and at home. Apparently he must be getting pressured the Obama administration due to his acts of granting amnesty to millions of illegals and also ‘The Dream Act.’ What is this all part of? Well, we think that Obama has granted amnesty to millions of illegals because he’s setting the foundation of socialism to take place in America and to keep Democraps in office. (Oh yeah, for future reference, Foul News is neither democrap nor republican’t, because both sides of the fence have crap on their grass.)

The reason why it’s so wrong to invite and welcome illegals is the fact that they are ‘undocumented’ and do NOT pay taxes for their wages earned in largely cash-paying businesses. Their children go to our schools and we end up paying for it in our property taxes (especially in NY and NJ). A lot of them also live in illegal housing situations where they are stacking (far exceeding the number of people safely in a building / apartment / house). The biggest concern to have is also that these illegals are driving without licenses and without insurance more importantly. Let’s say one illegal t-bones you in an intersection and your legs are gone, your car is totaled and you have thousands in medical bills. What happens? That illegal gets their car towed (usually registered to a legal citizen, a relative or someone such as a friend), they get a slap on the wrist and a court date when you go to sue them. They get that subpoena in the mail, then they don’t show up because, well hey, they can skip town and change their name because technically they don’t exist, then you’re stuck with the bills and the suffering for the rest of your life. NOT FUN! Also after working in healthcare for a number of years, we’d often find about 50 people with the same social security number and different addresses (oh yeah, most healthcare companies aren’t paid to report social security theft). So your social could be compromised or better yet, you’re paying out of your taxes for their healthcare because they use possibly your social to get free charity care. Are you pissed yet? You should be.

So the next time you think “oh these people are hard working and deserve the life I live,” think again. Yes, I personally believe that all people should have a good quality of life, but I don’t believe that it should be done illegally and then WELCOMED by governing officials. You want to live a great life? Well contribute to the community and country that you live in, don’t just steal!


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