Student Slams Teach for Confiscating Phone

Student Slams Teach for Confiscating Phone

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Absolutely disgusting is what this is. A high school student in Paterson, New Jersey fought his teacher (in his 60s) because he took away his phone for using his phone during class. In the video you’ll see the little punk not so much “slam” as most news sites are saying (oh yeah, we can’t follow the click-bait? DON’T JUDGE US!), but what he does is bring the elderly teacher to the floor to retrieve his precious cell phone.

Okay kid, let’s face the reality here, Paterson New Jersey is scum central in New Jersey (along with a few other places that are just too easy to mention), so you’re not in the best environment, sure. But how about this, you’re at work, in a meeting and your phone starts ringing, you sit there and talk on it or start texting, your boss decides that’s inappropriate behavior and reprimands you for your actions; are you going to physically harm your boss? You know what, with your deplorable actions there’s no chance you’ll ever get a real career going where you’ll be important. Kids like this are just losers and will probably end up in jail when they are adults, there’s no two ways about it, honestly. Sure, I got into my fair share of fights in High School and even posted some on YouTube, stupidly enough, but you know what? It was with a student or two (or several) of MY AGE and they were 100% warranted and mutually agreed upon, this is just a disgusting attack on an innocent teacher following classroom protocol. So kid, you’re a piece of trash and when you turn 18, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll gladly dish out what you’ve got coming to you 🙂 By the way, we don’t live so far away so this could actually happen if you aren’t afraid.

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