Archery is Actually Badass

Archery is Actually Badass

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Archery has long been viewed by many as a nifty craft and a skilled sport / way of combat. Well, Lars Andersen has devoted his life to the awe-inspiring art of archery and brought a new perspective to the sport / way of combat that we’ve never seen before. This guy is the absolute MASTER when it comes to handling a bow and arrow! (Sorry Arrow!)

Ever since the hit TV Show “Arrow” has made its way into prime time television, more and more people have taken an interest into archery. That’s great! Archery is an awesome thing and it’s something that I personally was very involved in when I was younger and hopefully I’ll have the time soon to get back into it. However, we have to stay step aside Stephen Amell, Lars Anderson is real deal and we’d have to put our money on him if it came down to it!


Anyhow, check out Lars’s amazing skills and you WON’T be disappointed. Your whole view on Archery may change!

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