Intruder Killed in Home Invasion

Intruder Killed in Home Invasion

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In Lower Township, New Jersey, a man was shot and killed when he broke into another man’s home. The man who was shot and killed, James Weaver was apparently seeking help after being beaten up at a local bar. Weaver’s grandmother spoke out and informed the police that she had received a call and was looking for a ride home after the bar incident. Weaver, looking for help, went up to a home that he thought he could get help from, but broke into the home where he was met with a man (un-named) who informed Weaver that he was armed and would shoot him if he entered his home.

Weaver’s grandmother spoke out on the situation.

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New Jersey has some very strict laws when it comes to gun ownership and defending yourself even when someone breaks into your home. New Jersey has laws that require a home owner to retreat if the home owner believes that deadly-force can be avoided or to “shelter-in-place” in case of an emergency or a break-in. Basically meaning to run, hide, cower in fear and wait for the police to arrive while someone is unwanted in your home. There should be NO valid reason as to why someone would be allowed to illegally enter anyone’s home. Death may be extreme, but if you’re disabled or you feel threatened and give fair warning that you will kill an intruder, using deadly force is very fair option.

Recent break-ins in New Jersey have resulted in families being tied up in the “Middlesex County Invasions” and beaten / tortured while their belongings and valuables were stolen. Given these recent events, anyone’s immediate response shouldn’t be to sit there and question the situation or find out why someone is in your house. Time is imperative in situations like these and slowly reacting can result in personal injury and even death to the home owner. Give fair warning and if the intruder doesn’t leave immediately, then your initial response should be to eliminate the threat.


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