Man Pranks Wife With a House Turned Into a Ball Pit

Man Pranks Wife With a House Turned Into a Ball Pit

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YouTube prankster RomanAtwood has gained a large YouTube following by filming pranks that are borderline insane as he’s put himself in some serious danger over and over again. He’s even pranked the cops a few times! This prank that he did has got to be one of the most original ideas ever done, although who hasn’t fantasized about turning their house into a giant ball pit?

The prankster tells his wife he is bored at home with his son and wants to do something, but wants to be back when his wife comes home and asks her when she’d be home. He figures out the time needed, then orders a whole TRUCK LOAD, (no seriously, a whole 53′ trailer load) of the balls that you’d find in a Chuck E Cheese or similar children’s play venue. He then fills his house with the balls and invites some friends over and their kids. I’m not sure if I’d even be able to revert my house back to normal after that, that’s every kid’s dream and I’m sure a few adult’s dreams as well; ball pits are awesome!

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