Cop Helps Man With Stuttering Problem

Cop Helps Man With Stuttering Problem

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A police officer helps a man out of a pretty bad situation. The man filming the video has a serious speech impediment and can’t stop stuttering, also he apparently has a swearing problem as the video contains strong language.

Getting pulled over can be a nerve-wracking thing for both parties. You never know what the officer is going to try to do to give you a ticket and the officer never knows what you’re going to do. It’s basically like going out on a blind date where one of you may be a homicidal maniac, who doesn’t love that feeling? Either way, you’ll never expect what this cop does when the man filming from inside the car corrects the officer when he said he pulled him over for going 95mph. No where in the USA is 95mph an acceptable speed (only when you get caught of course). The man in the video corrects the officer and informs him that he was in fact doing 97 and not 95mph. Those 2 more mph won’t incriminate him for the reason he’s provided.

Now you’ll probably get a good laugh at this poor man’s expense, but there’s a strange feeling to this whole video. Once you’ve come back to reality after laughing your behind right off of your chair, you’ll notice two things right away:

  1. The man recording has started his camera on his own free will.
  2. He then uploaded this video to the internet

Those two things alone almost make you think that he put on some sort of act to get out of a ticket and gain semi-internet fame for this video. He very well could have genuinely had diabetes and a stuttering issue while having an urgent need to use the rest room before it became a clean-up situation requiring serious damage control. Either way, it apparently got him out of a pretty serious moving violation and we don’t suggest that you try this next time you’re caught speeding as your results may vary.

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